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Feeling adrift and overwhelmed, I took the initial steps into my first yoga class. It was 2002 and I knew I needed something different; needed to learn a new way to relate to myself. I was looking for releasing stress and building fitness. I didn't know I was setting the foundation for so much more growth to come.

My first years of. yoga awakened a growing trust in myself and brought me a wonderful sense of vitality. I loved that feeling of clarity and buzzing energy that accompanied me after classes. Then, when I discovered Ashtanga, I began to understand how much more depth was possible. In its daily rhythms of breath, focus, and demanding sequences, I knew I had found a practice that could profoundly help me, both on and off the mat. I began to glimpse a vast openness, a freedom, a deep connection to my truest self. It challenged my sense of what I thought I was capable of, physically and mentally. It cleared my mind. As I took my first trips to India, the rhythms of the sequences took on a new resonance surrounded by ancient roots of the practice.

Through a decade of dedication since, the practice has continued to unfold, accompanying and supporting me through life transitions, pregnancy, birth, each, it's revealed new layers. It still amazes me that this seemingly simple union of breath and movement continues to open up into such richness. I'm honored to be a part of sharing this lineage, and am filled with gratitude for my teachers who have given me more than I could ever have imagined. It is with great joy that I welcome you to join me in practice and community at Mountain Light Ashtanga.

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